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How not to alienate your customer


Imagine that you are a customer and you are calling your own organisation.

How does normally the conversation start? After exchanging the formalities you have to endure at least a minute of conversation in which your opposite tries to get your name, the organisation you are calling from and find your details in the companies CRM system.

By this time you are already feeling stroppy ('We are in the 21st century and they still can't work that out, they know my phone number after all...') and you might wonder if you want to go ahead with your purchase if the customer service experience is so underwhelming...

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Business Continuity Planning

A recently published paper from Chatham House makes an urgent case for every UK based business to prepare for High-impact, Low-probability events (HILP). Until the 9/11 disaster, Business Continuity Planning has not been very high on the list of responsibilities of C-level managers. This event and others such as natural disasters, threats of pandemics (bird-flu) have changed the awareness...

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EHI Interlude

At present we are showcasing OpenERP for the Healthcare Sector in the UK at the EHI Live in Birmingham.

Our Scheduling module, which we are currently finalising, created a lot of interest. It was also a starting point which emphasised challenges a lot of NHS healthcare providers are facing.

 In the ‘good’ old days of the National Programme for IT, ERP solutions, or to be precise, modules of proprietary ERP solutions, have been acquired by the NHS nationally, namely the HR module of one very big vendor in the ERP space. Costs weren’t an issue, because the license fees were covered by the National Programme for IT. 

Now the NPfIT has been abandoned, the healthcare organisations have to cover the whole cost of the ‘solution'. They soon realised, that the current installation really does not cover their needs beyond a central repository of electronic staff records.

Challenge 1

Leave management is still done paper based,  leave cards are shuffled back and forth between front line staff and their managers, and once a leave has been approved a spreadsheet is updated by admin staff which in turn is passed on to the HR department, then results in the leave information being inserted manually into the system..

Couldn’t it be done smarter? Absolutely! 

You just need to buy additional licences, hire very expensive consultants and off you go…

Challenge 2

Scheduling / Rota planning of frontline staff is still done manually in different systems, so once leave has been approved, a configurer has to update the rota based on printed pieces of paper or an email. Broken processes and points of error all around, which lead to lower patient satisfaction and inefficient use of your resources.

Yes, there is a module out there of said provider, but again you pay the licence fees, need expensive consultants to implement and it takes a very long time to do so.

Your value proposition is far from ideal: high costs and a relative long time until the benefits kick in.

The solution

OpenERP HR in conjunction with our Scheduling module will be able to cover all of that for a fraction of the Cost of Total ownership and deliver benefits far quicker. 

Talk to us.

Healthcare service efficiency delivered, the open source way: Valuedecision.


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) - a technical solution to a business challenge?

A lot of small and medium sized organisations evaluating ERP solutions do so because their existing set-up of systems does not support their current and future business well enough. They shop around to assess the existing ERP solutions available and applicable to their sector and according to their own understanding of the requirements for an ERP. Taking this approach is understandable. However,

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Simple Mobile Client (webserver) for iPhone, Android released

We have released on github a simple mobile client/webserver for iPhone and Android devices.

The aim was to have as a stop-gap measure a freely available web app with which
the OpenERP contacts/partners can be accessed and emails and phone calls can be initiated.

More details here.